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Winchendon Furniture is passionate about quality.

The features that create quality are not always 
apparent to the eye. We invite you to ask us 
about what makes any piece worth the price 
and how it will enhance your home.


We are passionate about quality. It’s that simple. For  more than 50 years, we have resisted offering less expensive, lower-quality products, because we believe that furniture should last. The quality isn’t always apparent to the eye, so you need to educate yourself about what you are buying. You may see a beautiful upholstered piece and think it looks like great quallity, but you need to ask about how it’s made, what’s inside. When you visit either of our showrooms, we invite you to ask what is special about any piece on the floor and we’ll probably give you more details than you need to know. Things like…

Upholstery with eight-way hand-tied springs.
Eight-way hand-tied coil springs provide a support system under the seat cusions of a well-made sofa or chair. There are many spring systems out there, but only this traditional method ensures that springs are secured sturdily in place by expert craftsmen. Hand-tied rope crosses each spring eight times to both secure it in place and allow enough give to move in different directions, based on the size, weight and force of the sitter. This means everyone who sits in that seat experiences comfort in their own way, plus these pieces will outlast the others. There is no other option for superior comfort and durability. 

Extraordinary wood construction.
Many companies will say they use hardwood construction. That says little about how the piece is made. Many of our manufacturers go to great lengths to use time-honored methods to provide heirloom-quality pieces that will last for generations. The manner in which drawers and table legs are joined together makes a difference in the lasting quality of the piece and adds great value to your purchase. Look for features like dovetailed drawers joinery and solid drawer bottoms to mention just a few. Ask about the thickness of the wood and whether it is kiln-dried. This adds durability and lasting quality.

All leather is not equal. 
Did you know that only top-grain leather should be used for the highest quality and durability in furniture? Other grades, called splits, or boned hides will be used in furniture of lesser quality and other leather goods. Of the top quality hides, only 3% are of a caliber that are free of abrasions and scars. This is the type of leather our manufacturers go to great lengths to find for our pieces. This leather will age with character and offers years of beauty and service in your home.

American Made
The majority of our furniture is made in the United States. We are honored to support fine craftsmen in this country. Our manufacturers are keenly aware of not only quality standards, but also how important Forest Stewardship and other green initiatives are today. Whether you purchase a single piece or an entire room at Winchendon Furniture, you can feel confident that your selections are adding to this country’s economy and legacy.